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    • I declare that to the best of my knowledge I am not suffering from any medical conditions that might restrict me from participating in the course , and that my general level of fitness is such that I can move confidently around the vessel.
    • I have read the Terms & Conditions and fully understand and accept them.
    • I agree to pay the balance as requested.

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Terms and conditions of business.

Yacht Training Victoria     ABN: 73 144 051 276

1) Booking confirmation:

The school will confirm the booking in writing when the completed application for booking and deposit has been received. One form required per student, together with the minimum deposit/person/course.

2) Payment Balance:

The balance of the course fee is required 7 Days prior to commencement of the course.

If within 7 days of the course, the student has not paid the balance, the school reserves the right to on-sell the course place.

Assuming the school is successful in selling the place, the former student will only forfeit their deposit. If the school is unable to on-sell the place the former student will be liable for the full fee.

If the school fails to fill adequate places to run the course ( min 3 students) a position will be offered on another course or full refund offered.

3) Travel Insurance

The school strongly recommends travel insurance to cover the liability to attend the course, or leaving the course early due to illness or injury, as we are unable to refund fees if cancelled within 14 days of course date.

4) Course Duration

Day courses 0900hrs- 1630hrs, 5 Day courses 0930 first day till 1630 last day. Times are of course dependent upon weather conditions, and skippers decision re seaworthiness of the vessel at the time.

5) Delay/Non-Arrival

The vessel will not wait beyond 1000hrs for a late student on the first day of any course. Any student who fails to arrive for any reason whatsoever, including illness, and has failed to notify the school, will forfeit their total fee and no liability shall attach to the school.

6) Under 18, and equality, diversity, and inclusion policy

Students under the age of 18 not accepted for on- board practical courses. Yacht Training Victoria supports and endorses the RYA Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion policy , refer to RYA UK website for detail :

7) Instruction on own vessel:

All stated conditions apply plus the student will be expected to reimburse the instructor for travel and out of pocket expences to and from our Melbourne base.

The students vessel will be expected to be equipped the minimum YA/RYA or marine safety standards for the area sailed. The instructor has the right to refuse to undertake the training if the vessel is judged to be unsafe, in this case the student remains liable for payment of a minimum of one days instruction plus travel. The students vessel insurance must be fully comprehensive.

The instructor is at no time in charge of the vessel, the student being master of the vessel and accepting all responsibility. The instructor is not to be held responsible nor liable for any damage to the vessel while on board.The student will provide all bedding and victualling whilst the instructor is on board

8) Health

Students with special medical problems/needs should check that their GP considers them safe to sail, and advise the school of their condition on booking, and both the skipper and principal when reporting for the course. Please bring any required medication.

In these days of Covid 19,   we require you to provide details of a Negative test within 24 hrs of the course commencement, a RAT test will be considered adequate.

9) Skipper’s/Principal’s Decisions

The school principal’s decision is final at all times on any of the schools property until the skipper takes over . From this time the skipper’s decision is final always.

All students/crew will accept orders and decisions made by the skipper whilst on board the training vessel, or directly involved in course activities.

The skipper will take any action or decision they considers necessary for the wellbeing of the vessel and crew. If the student is placed ashore at the nearest port no liability shall attach itself to the school, nor will the student have any redress for any expense or unused portion of their fee, or action against the skipper or school.

10) Sea Time

Every attempt will be made to give pupils maximum sea time. If however in the skipper’s opinion weather conditions, safety, or other considerations render this imprudent, the skippers decision is final.

11) Reschedule due to weather

While every effort will be made for classes to go ahead on schedule, if the weather is deemed unsuitable, students will be contacted by phone and a alternative date organised to suit.

12) Vessel Disabled

If for any reason the school is unable to fulfil the booking or a vessel becomes un-seaworthy for any reason, the school will advise the student immediately this knowledge is available. No liability shall attach itself to the school beyond the refund of the full fee paid or unused portion thereof.

13 School Insurance

The school is insured for instruction. However students needs vary, the school strongly advises that students obtain their own insurance for sickness, course fees, illness or accident on board, or any other reason the student considers prudent for his personal well being.

14) Disclaimer

No liability is accepted for any students vehicles parked, or students possessions in the vehicles parked at yacht club or other venue premises

No liability is accepted for students whilst on school grounds or vessels, at all times they participate in course activities at their own risk.

15) Breakages & Damage

Students shall be responsible for any loss or damage to school property up to and including the first $250 per item.

16) Certificates

Certificates for successful completion of courses are only issued on the basis of the student reaching the required standard set out in the RYA handbook. The schools principal and instructor’s decision shall be considered final.

17) Duties on Board

All students are expected to participate in cooking, cleaning, and maintenance items as requested by the instructor. At the conclusion of the course all participants will be expected to participate in cleaning of the vessel.

18) Privacy & Data Protection

YTV are serious about your privacy and protecting any data we might collect from you, as part of our registration, or health declaration information. As a principal we share information with no-one, however  certain information relating to name, age and contact details are shared with RYA UK to support  certificate registration processes. RYA have a similar no compromise privacy policy, refer to:  for details.

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International Certificate of Competence (date by arrangement)Competent Crew 5 Day Practical 21-24 June 2024Day Skipper 5 Day practical 21-24 June 2024Competent Crew 5 day practicalDay Skipper 5 day practicalCompetent Crew 5 day practical 2024Day Skipper 5 day practical 2024Competent Crew 5 day practical 2024Day Skipper 5 day practical 2024RYA Day Skipper Theory E- Learning ( Date by arrangement)Yachtmaster Theory E- Learning (date by arrangement)Marine Radio Operator at RYCV: TBADiesel Maintenance 18 May 2024 0900-1230

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