Experience the VIP treatment on our beloved yacht Storm, a very comfortable and modernĀ  Beneteau First 40.7 extensively equipped for chartering. This is no worn-out old racing yacht! We do it in style.

Be pampered like a celebrity on a leisurely afternoon cruise, or if you prefer, challenged with a more active sail training session.

Working with the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, we can also offer tailor-made corporate packages.

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Planning a charter holiday?

Brush up in advance with our Prepare to Charter course. We will instruct you in the skills needed to make your holiday more enjoyable and safer. This will reduce briefing time, when picking up the boat – more time afloat!

If you are heading overseas, we can also provide you with an International Certificate of Competence (ICC), an internationally-recognised document that assures foreign charter companies of your competence for day sailing.