“Well spent money for great value. We had the best time and Tony has been very professional and is very dedicated to making sure we learned a lot. I can only recommend this to anyone, and hope to do the skipper training in the future”
Peter Janicki & Sebastian Nowakowski,

“The yacht Bolero and skipper Tony were both exceptional. Tony is a very knowledgeable seaman and I felt safe and well cared for throughout all phases of the course.”
Alan LeBrun,

“Great course with an amazing amount of content well presented. Thanks Tony.”
Michael Stewardson,

“I avoid these sorts of satisfaction forms. For me the course was far better, more demanding, and interesting than I had expected or hoped. This was much helped by the windy conditions. Loved the long triangular course around the bay, as well as the time learning about using the motor, and the day cruising in windy conditions at Queenscliff. Food was very good , and as mentioned was particularly impressed that we sailed full days in the windy conditions.”
David Ashley,

“Very pleased with the course and had a great time. Initially daunted on receiving the course book, however the pace of learning and opportunities for practice soon demystified it all”
Pete & Sandy Pelzer,

“I had a fantastic time. Tony is a determined instructor yet very patient. He kept everyone of us engaged at all times. I learned so much more than I was expecting and I will definitely continue to learn more about sailing. Thanks Tony!”
Chiara Consigliere,

“Thanks for providing a very enjoyable 5 day practical course. The course met all my expectations and goals. Your experience, knowledge, and systematic approach helped me to develop and refine my existing skills and provided me with new learning that has significantly built my confidence in boat handling and seamanship”
Bill McDonald,

“The course was a wonderful five days that covered a range of sailing conditions and areas to provide challenges to students. This approach resulted in demonstrable improvement in my skills and ability over the five days. I am now looking forward to being more active in sailing. I highly recommend Tony and Yacht training Victoria if anyone else is considering sail training.”
Paul O’Driscoll,

“Tony ran a well organised, interesting and at times challenging course. The daily debriefing encouraged us to self assess our personal and crew performance, with honest and constructive feedback from Tony to keep us on track. His willingness to answer questions and provide advice ensured a stimulating learning environment. Bolero was comfortably equipped for the five days aboard, and provisions were of a high standard. Overall I enjoyed course and would have no hesitation to recommend.”
Ron Tiffen,

“The most remarkable outcome of the Competent Crew course for me was that I was able to obtain a working understanding of the sailing system and feel that I could positively contribute as a crew member. It was a great 5 days of educational sailing with quality people, food, and experiences.”
Andrew Done,

“We had a mixed array of weather conditions thrown at us . We were able to learn how to manage a yacht using sail engine and conditions. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone w ho plans on sailing either as a crew member or as a skipper.”
Dominic Selarno,

“If you really want to learn how to sail, have limited experience, would like to maximise hands on, this is definitely the course.”
Ginny Reid, February

“Tony is an excellent tutor – he exhibited a considered, patient approach to the theory and practical components of the course. Would particularly recommend him for women who may be concerned regarding entering what they perceive as a ‘male environment’. Gung-ho and testosterone laced attitudes are not allowed on board – it’s a nurturing environment, supported by patience and good humour.”
David & Karen Burnett,

“Competent crew is a great way to increase confidence and skill. Very much enjoyed camaraderie, food and beautiful locations.”
Rene Sneddon,